Welcome to where I blog about my resin collectible ball jointed dolls! My name is Bo Bergemann. I am a wife and mother of 3 very special children and original doll artist from Hawaii! I grew up on Maui and now I live in Mililani on Oahu. I began making dolls 17 years ago now and this quickly became my most beloved hobby. About 3 years ago, I decided to work toward becoming a professional doll maker. I officially launched … by Bo Bergemann Original Collectible Artist Dolls Oct 1, 2010. This blog is where I share my doll making journey.

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Anybody want to play dolls?
This blog is first and foremost about dolls and doll collecting, but as it’s also about me as an artist and my art absolutely imitates my life, a lot of other things sneak in. If you are interested in talking back, just email me anytime at or join my Facebook Group! Two ways you can talk back to me if you find the time or have the inclination!
Bo Bergemann


Video Fun!
My son’s graduation party surprise Harlem Shake video! Just figured I’d share this with my collectors since I’ve taken time out to do this for him. The party was a great success and we all had a blast! We had to find a way to surprise him when he came down our street, so we did the harlem shake. Boy was he surprised and we all had fun and made a fabulous memory too!